Are You Searching for Something?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Now that I have your attention, I’m going to ask you to direct it elsewhere.

Using your search engine, please type or copy these words into your web browser:

Tools and Techniques for a Better Life

For those of you who would prefer to continue reading, the results from this exercise is approximately - Three Hundred and Sixty Million. YES! 360,000,000 ways for a better life.

It is like looking for the apple tree among the pips.

Where do you begin? What is the starting point for a better life? How much work is required?

The answer is simple: realising and recognising which parts of your current life or play of life take you nearer or farther away from the life you want.

Is That It? Yes, for today, it is a start.

Someone who is living their better life, knows their life. Ask anyone who is living their better life.

Here is a small exercise, a tool for you to commence living a better life.

The purpose of this exercise is to reflect on your day or days and recognise whether, through your daily activities, you are working towards a better life, wishing it or pointing the finger because you do not have it.

Take a sheet of A4 paper and copy the headings/columns in the example below and list all your timeslots of activities, from waking until going to bed. It must include bathroom breaks, conversations, lunch and lunch location, social media, TV etc. Anything that has your attention or focus.



Self-directed (ü)

Directed by Others and Whom (x)


1,2,3,4 or 5

1 Being the highest for Self-directed

5 The highest for directed by other/s





6am – 7am

Travel to Gym/Workout



7am – 8am

Travel to work



8am – 8:20am

Tea/Chatted with Janice



If the overall value of your Self-directed activities is higher than Directed by Others, you are most likely taking action towards your better life or the life you want.

I think you may have already guessed the next result, if the overall value is higher for Directed by Others, then you need to become more aware of your day and whether you are actually doing anything that will lead you to a better life. Sometimes the influences of others plays a larger role than we tend to recognise.

Searching the internet for tools and techniques to a better life is just the beginning, the rest is all with you.

The next article looks at values. You may find it useful if your score was tipped away from you.

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