A Treasure Chest of Values

The image of a treasure chest filled to the brim with bedazzling stones, glaciers of gold and perfect pearls is enough to excite the solemnest of characters. A host of values in a box; usually secured with an oversized padlock and weighted chains, buried beyond bondage and mapped and marked by an X

Sounds familiar? Trying to uncover our own values requires us to go inside.

Discovering why they (values) are mapped and who placed the X can sometimes feel like we are digging through earth or swimming in the depths of the ocean.

As with anything of value, is it worth the same today as it was yesterday and how far will it take me? Am I holding on to something which no longer gives me a positive return?

The exercise in the previous article: Are You Searching for Something, supports you in uncovering your values, by listing your Self-directed and Directed by Others activities, people and things and the focus of attention you give them.

I clearly remember uncovering one of my own values. It was many years ago and I was asked why I had moved on from a particular organisation. Here was an opportunity to have an intense conversation, maybe put the world to rights – yet the only word that came out of me in that moment was “integrity.” This, a word I had never used before and it said so much.

Consciously reflecting on what you choose to invest yourself in (or not) is an indication of a value, the spot has been marked– something that you say yes or no to without coercion, frustration or obligation.

Understanding values may just be the fuel for moving you forward in life. Uncovering them can support you in removing the ones which no longer serve you. You may even learn they were never yours in the first place, someone else had marked them with an X

What values fill your treasure chest?

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